The future is beginning now!

The world is in a rapid change… Living and consumption habits are changing while the population continues to grow. Every day, 75 million citizens and 7.2 billion people worldwide rely on high quality food for their subsistence, nutrition, health and well-being. The world population is expected to increase to an estimated 9 billion people by 2050.

The world's ever-increasing population brings new opportunities for our industry to grow. However a challenging future is waiting for us due to a global economy dominated by uncertainties, ongoing economic crisis in the EU, climate change, global warming, and nutritional needs of increasing population.

Turkey stays focused on its Vision 2023 with guns blazing. Turkey aims to be among the world's top 10 economies in the 100th year of Turkish Republic with its targets of national income of 2 trillion dollars, foreign trade volume of 1 trillion dollars, agricultural income of 150 billion dollars and food export of 40 billion dollars.

Turkish food and drink industry is preparing to give the largest contribution to Vision 2023, under the leadership of TGDF as the most important supporter of our country's economy with its gross national product share of 280 billion liras and foreign trade volume of 15 billion dollars.

On the way to 2023, our industry has long-term strategic priorities in areas such as food safety, innovation, agriculture-industry integration, legislation and competitiveness, employment, consumer welfare and sustainability.

We expend energy on achieving these goals by the 100th year of our Republic. TGDF Food Congress 2013 which we will organize with the main theme of “10 to 100th Year” will be a key activity for the implementation of our industry’s objectives and 2023 targets.

We believe that our Congress taking place at a time of major global changes will help us to decide our industry’s Vision 2023 in a right way with your valuable contributions. We also believe that 10 to 2023 is the right time to gain momentum together.

Sincerely yours
Şemsi Kopuz