Gıda Kongresi 2011, Gıda Kongresi


We met in Izmir for the future of food

 As Federation of Food and Drink Industry Associations of Turkey (TGDF), we held TGDF Food Congress 2011 which we organized to draw the future vision of food, between 21-23 November 2011 in Izmir, Cesme Altinyunus Hotel.
“Global Future Global Cooperation” slogan was literally realized in our congress which turned into a platform bringing together all stakeholders in the food industry, the parliament, government, university, NGO, media and industry members with its 500 participants including senior executives, decision makers and regulatory bodies of global food and drink industry from United States to the European Union, Middle East ,Far Asia, and the Gulf region.
Congress began with the opening speeches of Mehdi Eker, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Agah Kafkas, Deputy Minister of Health, Semsi Kopuz, TGDF President, and Jesus Serafin Perez FoodDrinkEurope President in 21 st November evening and there were 48 speakers 11 of whom were foreign and 37 of whom were from Turkey.
Speakers shared their valuable views with participants in these sessions: "Sustainable Food and Supply Safety", "Sustainable Trade, Competition and Ethics", "Nutrition, Health, Consumer and Media" and "Sustainable Environment".
Other speakers and their sessions were as follows: Dr. Nihat Pakdil, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Deputy Undersecretary and Sukru Kucuksahin, Hurriyet Newspaper Columnist in "Sustainable Food and Supply Safety"; Prof. Dr. Adem Sahin, TOBB University and Erkan Celebi, Hurriyet Newspaper Columnist in "Sustainable Trade, Competition and Ethics"; Prof. Dr. H. Tanju Besler, Hacettepe University Faculty of Health Sciences Dean, Prof. Dr. Nazif Bagriacik, Prof. Dr. Kubilay Karsidag in "Nutrition, Health, Consumer and Media"; Idil Yigitbasi, Yasar Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors and Ali Ulker, Yildiz Holding of the Board of Directors in "Sustainable Environment".
There was a pleasant surprise for speakers and participants. We gave the certificates of saplings that were planted in Ankara city forest on behalf of them by Consumer and Environmental Education Foundation (TÜKÇEV).
TGDF Food Congress 2011 which was held successfully with a high-level participation enhanced our hope for the success of food industry’s future.
We hope to be together with all stakeholders of food sector in the future activities for the benefit of the sector just as in Izmir.